Can you make a code component that supports stack gaps?

hi there! I have one question to start off the week :slight_smile:

  1. is it possible to make a code component that implements the interface of a given Plasmic component? e.g. say I want to implement a NavMenu that accepts NavMenuItem components as its children, and I want to be able to set the spacing explicitly between the NavMenuItem children of the NavMenu as if the NavMenu were a Plasmic Horizontal Stack, is it possible? or would I need to do something like explicitly define a spacing prop on the NavMenu component? I’ve been able to make the NavMenu have a flex display and change it between a row / column and change the content alignment etc., but so far haven’t been able to get the Plasmic component-specific controls to appear

We don’t yet support specifying flex spacing on code components because the flex spacing implementation requires creating some wrapper elements (so is just a css attribute; the gap attribute browser support isn’t quite there yet).

You could so something like passing in a stack as the slot content, with the NavMenuItem in the stack, and you have full control over the stack gap. But if your NavMenu is iterating through its children then it’d need to walk past this stack…