Can you quickly style multiple elements at once in Plasmic?

Is there a way to quickly style multiple elements at once in studio? I’ve just added custom fonts and want to reskin all the text in a template with them.

You can set the default styles from the left tab for this, which will change the typography throughout the project

Also edit the font tokens/mixins defined in the project

Please let me know if that helps

great, thanks

is there a way to multi select elements?

There isn’t currently, but we do plan to add this eventually (no expected date set yet)

Got it, thank you!

@military_condor Anytime I have this question, I pause to think:

  1. “How similar are these elements?”
  2. “Can these be a single component with multiple variant groups and variants?”
  3. “Should this be set as a default style?”
  4. “Should this be a mixin?”