Can you Sync Local Dev to Plasmic Studio?


I’m working with Plasmic Codegen and have encountered an issue. While I appreciate the simplicity of Plasmic Studio’s push to GitHub feature, I’ve run into a problem with library dependencies. After setting up a project using the ‘website starter’ and syncing it with my local development using Plasmic CLI, I realized some libraries required in my project are not included in package.json.

I tried adding these libraries manually to package.json in my local environment and syncing back to Plasmic Studio, but it doesn’t seem to reflect these changes.

Here are the steps I followed:

  1. Created a project in Plasmic Studio and used the ‘website starter’.
  2. Set up a local project directory and synced it with the Studio project using plasmic sync -p PROJECT_ID.
  3. Added new libraries to package.json locally.
  4. Attempted to sync these changes back to Plasmic Studio.

How can I ensure that additions to package.json in my local environment get updated in Plasmic Studio? Is there a specific workflow or command with Plasmic CLI that I need to use for this?

Thanks for your help!