Can you upload a project in a zip file to Plasmic studio?

Can you upload a project in a zip file to Plasmic studio?

Hi, Plasmic doesn’t edit existing source code, is that what you’re asking about @mean_rattlesnake?

@yang I am trying to talk my company into using Plasmic. I asked to show how Plasmic can be integrated into a current repo. I can’t get the integration to work. The project uses react-router v6.2 and the guides have the old approach.

Hi @mean_rattlesnake, are you referring to the documentation here for react-router 6?

Are you able to share more about the exact issue that you ran into? That can help us debug

I am getting an error page when I try to run the program locally. So I can not navigate to http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host

I am trying to connect a repo to Plasmic and view the repo in Plasmic studio.

@yang is this currently possible?

Yes this is the main use case of plasmic.

This is after you have added the application host set up for plain react? Ie the plasmic-host page is added in react-router?

Yes, that guide has the old version of react-router.

@mean_rattlesnake Thanks, we will fix this!

For now, at first glance (boarding a plane), it looks like you will need to change Switch to Routes, and use the Route element prop instead of render

(You can also contrast the difference between the V5 and V6 code snippets and the plain react quick start for a concrete example)