Cannot edit project after configuring an app host

When I configure my project and host it using my app. How can I continue to edit the project in Plasmic Studio?

App hosting shouldn’t block you from editing in the studio, are you facing some issue ?

@fmota Yes when I go to Plasmic Studio and select the project it just pulls up the web page. I can not edit anything.

@mean_rattlesnake Can you check that you inputted the /plasmic-host route as the app host route? (And not just, say, <http://localhost:3000> but <http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host>)


When you go to http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host, do you see the “app host configured successfully” page?

@yang No, I just see the homepage of the project.

Can you share how you created your plasmic-host route?

I used npx create-plasmic-app@latest

Is there any chance in running create-plasmic-app you chose plain React?

In case that’s it - we should make this more clear but plain React doesn’t come with at built-in routing solution (you have to add your own, such as react-router) so going to any URL like /plasmic-host won’t work out of the box

If you choose something like Next.js, it comes with routing, so the /plasmic-host route will Just Work

Let me know if that was the issue

@yang Yes that is the problem.

@yang Yes that is the problem.