Cannot fetch images from Airtable

Hey everyone,

Non-developer here, I know it is not recommended but I am trying to use airtable as my database, at least for now since I know nothing about coding so the other options (postgres, mysql etc) are not for me.

Now, my database is made of profiles, with names, emails etc and more importantly: pictures (profile pic + cover image). For some reasons while fetching the data, plasmic was able to found all of the fields except for the those 2 (profile + cover)

Did I do something wrong or is it not possible for plasmic to fetch images? If that’s not possible what could be my best alternative? Thanks!

Hey @assured_crow!

While airtable may seem a lot more straightforward to set up, I promise setting up a database on SQL is only a little more brain work and really worth it.

Re: plasmic not fetching that data - just confirm that that’s the data being sent by Airtable yes?

Can you show me the contents of the schema reference tab?

Thanks for your reply Tom, you think setting up a similar database on SQL can be achieved in a month? Even for someone with no coding background like me?

And yes it’s the data from Airtable that’s not showing, here is a screenshot of the reference tab:

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No problem! And yes, almost certainly. Put it this way - if you need a database set up on Supabase with the above fields, you could do that in 20 minutes.

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Log onto it and try it out. it’s super straightforward!

Alright, I’ll try and let you know! (I tried once but was confused on how to upload attachments (such as images and vcf files)

Now based on the screenshot what do you think the current issue is? :thinking_face:

hmm looks like we are not handling image columns from airtable at the moment :pensive:

supabase is great but dealing with image data is unfortunately not as easy as it is in airtable…

I did have that issue myself tbh

While on that topic @chungwu, are there any databases you know of that take Base64 images and auto convert them to blob etc, so they can be referenced that way?

That was my only bugbear with getting images to and from plasmic/supabase.

If that’s resolved, it might solve Emm’s issue

I don’t, off the top of my head :pensive:

Hey @chungwu just saw your reply, so what should I do in that case? As I definitely need images in my database

Hey @chungwu @yang urgently need help on that one please

curious about this myself