Cannot find registered custom components in Studio

I’m following your guide to register custom components for my project. I have no error, but I can’t find my code component in my project studio. Is this feature for subscribed customers only?

Hi @inherent_landfowl! No, that feature should be working for all users. I assume you’re using a localhost apphost. Can you share your plasmic-host file? Can you load http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host (or in any other port that your app is running)? Were you able to set the app-host in your Plasmic project? What is your project ID?

Hi @tiago!

Yes I’m on localhost, here’s my plasmic-host file

http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host is well loaded with a message saying “Your app is ready to host Plasmic Studio!” and steps to connect my project

I’ve set http://localhost:3000/plasmic-host as my project’s app-host (see screenshot)
My project ID is 6C9F1Ja3TTWNV3TApRUbbF


Can you also share your plasmic-init file?

Of course, here it is


That’s very weird. It should be working. I tried the exact same code here (except I changed “ui/HelloWorld” to “./ui/HelloWorld”, but I believe Next.js would show an error if it could not resolve ui/HelloWorld so you probably did some configuration like webpack preferRelative to make that work) and it worked fine. I’m sorry to keep asking you for more things to debug, but could you share your repo?

Hey Tiago, sorry for the response delay!
Unfortunately, I can’t share my repo, it’s one of my company’s privates…
Just so you know, I tried to make it works with another component imported from ./components/HelloWorld and it’s not working…
I have no error, from my side or yours
Is there any information that can help you debug?

Ok I think it’s my bad since the beginning :man-facepalming:
I was searching for my custom code component in the components list, but it’s in the insert menu
It’s working fine then, sorry for this!