Cannot get dynamic route slug to work with Strapi data fetching

I watched the youtube video on Dynamic Pages. When I add [slug} to my path and add my dynamic value its doesnt work. I can select the data and a correct slug previews in the parameters.

Hi @drunk_snail, the only inputs supported by the Strapi code component is letting you choose which collection to show, it doesn’t yet support querying for individual specific records which it looks like you’re trying to do. It should be easy to add though, for now you can fork the source code here:

(By the way, the slug from your route perimeter is not the same as the slug field in your CMS record)

ok thanks mate.I have html, css and basic js knowledge would you think I need to learn more to build websites for clients using Plasmic and Strapi?

I think this might be over my head?

The last time I forked something I ate it for dinner

@drunk_snail I think you should be okay with those to work with Plasmic. In the meantime I’ll open a ticket for querying specific records on Strapi, since we support Dynamic Pages, it makes sense to allow everyone use it from the data components in our store