Cannot specify values in integration.

When trying to use an integration (as part of a click action on a button), I cannot specify a value for all the fields available in the table. Only select few (in no apparent order) are available to be assigned a value and the others are missing (see screenshot).

Note that the schema reference shows 2 pages of fields (about 18) and only 7 are available to be given a value.

Ok, so I think it’s because the fields not listed may not be “compatible” with Plasmic. In the Schema Reference I see some are of the type Unknown.

In my case, some of those are simply Long Text fields with Rich Text formatting enabled in Airtable.

I just tried it and disabling Rich Text Formatting in Airtable’s field config allows for that field to appear in Plasmic’s list of avaiable fields, although the actual data hasn’t changed :thinking_face:.

That’s a simple enough fix in this particular case, but what about other “unknown” fields like Photo, which is an attachment field in Airtable.

How would I be able to update that field with the necessary values for images? @yang

@yang Checking in to see if there’s any ideas on this, as I will need to update “attachment” fields in Airtable soon. It doesn’t seem like I am able to at this moment.

Hey @exhaustive_panther, I’m not sure how soon we’ll be able to remedy that, but we’ll take a look…