Cannot understand Plasmic so need some help in understanding it properly


I am very new to Plasmic.

I am a developer but my programming background is PHP, Bootstrap, JQuery.

I have been following Plasmic progress for a year now but never had the courage to register and try it out as I am not able to grasp what exactly Plasmic is and how I as a low-code developer can use it to my advantage?

I am currently working in a few low-code technologies/tools like Frappe Framework, Lowcoder, FlutterFlow, Noodl, etc.

From what I have managed to understand is that Plasmic generates front end code for ReactJS and probably VueJS.

Is there any way by which I can leverage Plasmic using my current PHP and Frappe Framework (Python) skills?


I would encourage you to just get started! With Plasmic, you build quite a bit without needing to set up your own codebase. Maybe try starting with this tutorial and see where you end up. Iā€™d love to see what you build!

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