Cannot update site via publish after initial publish in GitHub Pages

I dk if I’m missing something obvious but I can’t seem to get my site to update via publish after the initial publish using Github pages.

When I Publish from plasmic studio, it goes through the process and seem to complete saying v1.0.0 is published. I can see Github pages action build and deploy as well. However in Studio if I go to version history it will say it’s still on v0.0.1.

I can see in the main branch that nothing has updated since 6 days ago. But in gh-pages the updates are aligned with the publishes I’ve tried today.

FYI I’ve been testing out Plasmic for the past week — love everything so far but still early in picking up how it all works.

Update — duplicate project on a new repo and no longer have this problem :man-shrugging:

Bizarre, we’ll take a look!

Cc @boring_zebra