Cannot use page route param slug as dynamic value, getting build error

Hi everyone, I am struggling with using the page route param slug as dynamic value in a property for a data fetching custom component. During the nextjs build, process slug is undefined and the build process times out. I first thought there is something wrong with my component but using a simple text component and using page route param slug as content for the text component will also result in a timeout. Any ideas why this happens?

Hi, @awake_tortoise I couldn’t reproduce this issue. We have a video on
dynamic values: and
dynamic pages & routes: that could also help provide more clarity around it. If nothing works for you, maybe share the project ID for us to take a look cc @gabrielpessoa

@awake_tortoise Are you experiencing this with a clean new plasmic app created using either the crates-plasmic-app CLI or the GitHub integration?

If not, it is probably specific to your code, and how you are integrating the quick start docs into your code. Be sure to pass in page params!

@yang @burning_silkworm Tried it with a clean new app and it works. Need to check what’s wrong with my custom app. Treat it as solved. Thanks guys.