Can't add images in React component popup

Hey guys, I’m trying out your amazing platform and I’m facing an issue.
I’m passing an array of objects to my React component, here’s how I register it:

PLASMIC.registerComponent(CustomComponent, {
  name: 'Custom Component',
  props: {
    slides: {
      type: 'array',
      defaultValue: [],
      itemType: {
        type: 'object',
        fields: {
          before: {
            type: 'imageUrl',
          after: {
            type: 'imageUrl',

And the issue is - the only field in a popup that seems to be working fine in the Studio is the image url. That said I can’t add images from the select for some reason
Am I missing something?

Can you guys provide any help or info?

Hi @blameless_rodent, thanks for reporting - this is a bug, we’re looking into it.