Can't create repeated elements with individual interactions.

I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to repeat an element and have states or interactions specific to the repeat element instance/index and not ALL of them. Is that possible?

For example, I have a query and an array of paragraphs. I would like to use a text element or component and repeat it for as many paragraphs are in the array, displaying the paragraph itself.

That works, but what I cannot do, is add states specific to (repeated) paragraph. In my case, I would like for whenever I click one of the repeated paragraphs, to have it be crossed out. No matter what I tried, whenever I click any of them, ALL of them become crossed out.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

I managed to figure this out by comparing everything with the Button component. Although, it works, I am still not fully sure I understand the whys and why I had issues before.

I think the solution may have had something to do with choosing the right tag elements for the various pieces.

It would be great if the documentation could be expanded with some more examples on how to add interaction to elements other than buttons.