Can't find antd Collapse component

Hello, new to plasmic. i’m tring to find the antd collapse component you tease on your page and that is present in a video and in the “Ant Design Sandbox”. when i import the ant design system package from the component store it is not there, but it also always still says “Install Package”, even though i already have done so as you can see on the left. in comparison it says “Show Components” when installing the plume package.


Hi, this is part of the ant V4 package, not the ant v5 package - we still need to add it to the ant v5 package

so is there no way to no-code build an accordion element in plasmic right now?

Can use the existing accordion component from the ant V4 package, or you can build your own component using interactions, it’s one of the examples in the demo project here:

how can i use the ant v4 component?

In the insert menu, do you see ant design system 4?

This message contains interactive elements.