Changing AntDesign element design without affecting default styling.

Good day, i’ve been struggling with this for an hour now and just have to ask:
How do you change the deisgn of AntDesign elements without changing the default “normal text” style? I’ve got dozens of elements using it and this table is the only one that doesn’t fit, i am desperate, any ideas?

Hi, this isn’t currently supported, the components were designed specifically to be cohesive with the rest of the theming style controls in Plasmic, but is there any specific reason why you want the normal text style to be different from the text style used throughout components?

Thanks for the reply, its because of the font colouring, my project uses a dark theme and a bright font which is practically invisible on the white component background.
I managed to make my own responsive table, took a damn long time tough, this app is amazing!

You should also be able to configure ant to use dark mode as well, so that you don’t have a bunch of light mode components within a dark mode app. I believe there is a toggle for this in the ant design project settings