Changing field name causes content loss.

There’s an issue with Plasmic CMS:

When I edit the name of a field in a schema, all stored content on the records is lost.

For example, I have an authors model, which is related to blogs

I edited the name of a nested field within authors from authorImage to just image and all of my authors have to re-upload their images.

In addition, in Studio, if you edit the name in the schema, you have to select the new name in the Entry field props.

I can understand this happening if you change the field type, but not editing a name.

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @parliamentary_trout, you are right, this is just a quirk right now in how the CMS models work. You unfortunately cannot arbitrarily rename fields. We should do a better job sign posting this though in the UI, or prohibit renaming.