Choice prop dropdowns immediately closing

Hi! I’m currently registering some code components in order to migrate our site generator to Plasmic, and I’ve added some ‘choice’ props to a component. The problem is that the dropdowns don’t work for me in plasmic studio. If I click one to open it, it closes immediately. The options are nothing fancy, just an array of strings. I’m using a pretty standard setup, 16’’ intel MB Pro 2019 with Ventura and Chrome. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Here’s how it looks

No, haven’t seen that before, but happy to take a look - can you share the project URL?

I could, but it’s connected to my localhost for code components, as it’s in development. I’m not sure what good would that do for you

I see - yeah, the app host would need to be available at a public URL for me to be able to repro the issue