Clarification needed on Plasmic's 1k public users policy

Hi everyone! when you say 1k public users, is that only for authenticated users? I’d use Plasmic for small public-facing (no sign up) marketing tools, so would those people count in page hits/views rather than “users”?

Hi, yes it’s only for authenticated users, if you don’t have authentication it would count as 0, for page views we count simple page views which don’t require any personal information about the user accessing your pages

Ok, thanks @fmota, do you have videos/documentation on how to run AI apps with Plasmic? I have a few marketing tools (like “paragraph writer”, or “SEO Blog Generator”) built with no-code tools and I can’t figure out how to have a button click call the OpenAI API, save the result in a variable, and display the variable in another input field and/or text field

for reference, this is what I tried

Visually the configuration looks good, which issue did you run into ?

I just get an error, no details into what causes it

(when I click on “execute”)

I see, the error is happening because the request is being sent to <> with the trailing slash which OpenAI is considering invalid URL, you should be able to get it to work by creating the OpenAI integration only with <> as base url, then you can add the /chat/completions in this UI. Either way I will register as a bug in our end too, so that we no longer do requests with trailing slashes and better expose those errors in the UI.

that worked! thanks :slightly_smiling_face: