Clarification on where to send feedback for "Learn Plasmic" docs

Greetings, As a newcomer the clear and concise “Learn Plasmic” docs are very helpful. Occasionally I’ve run across a typo or an idea for improvement. The link on the bottom of each page asks for feedback but which slack channel should I be sending these? Or would it be more helpful to create a github issue for each?

Hi Patrick, as we just started our open source we aren’t that used to replying to Github issues, you can add your feedback in the issues channel for now, thanks for reporting it

I was curious about the same thing today as I’m going through some docs.

@fmota is there an intent to make the docs open source so that folks can contribute to them?

Ideally we could open source it, but I don’t have a status about it

Thank you Felipe.

I would also like to help grow the community!

Thanks for it guys, I took the question of open sourcing our docs to the team, it does have some details that we need to look into before going open source with it. Some things that are in our planning about the docs involve creating a guide (a summarized version that it would point you to our already existing content, so that there is a roadmap on how to go from beginner to advanced in Plasmic), improving some texts to be more complete, adding some demo projects related to what the docs describe… but I would love to hear on things that you would like to see in the docs too

those things that you listed out; are those some things that you are open to get contributions from the community from? because I might be able to do some of that

Not directly, as the easiest way to achieve it would be when the docs go open source, but I guess for the guide it could be a Plasmic project for now, or maybe something directly in our already public repo, I will look into it and post here any updates