Clarity on Plasmic product offering.

Hello! I came across Plasmic today and it looks very promising :slightly_smiling_face: I’m a software developer, who also has extensive experience with nocode tools. When I looked at the landing page, the product offering was a little unclear to me; and I was left with the following questions;

  1. Would you use Plasmic to build aan entire app without writing code? Like all the other nocode tools that are out there
  2. Or do you need to already have an existing codebase where you would build on top of?
  3. And even if you can build the app from scratch in Plasmic, is it then exported converted into a codebase, such as react that then is deployed for you?,"
    And finally what is the sweetspot of Plasmic, in other words whats the most ideal optimal usecase to use Plasmic for?

Plasmic is more powerful than it looks on the landing pages.

  1. Yes, you can write tiny pieces of code within the graphical editor itself for logics. And you can also fetch data from remote.
  2. Yes, if you already have an existing codebase you can build on top of it to leverage all those powerful react components. If you do not have an existing code base then you can build in the Plasmic editor from scratch.
  3. Yes, Plasmic doesn’t lock you in like all the other no code low code platforms, you have absolute control over your stuff all the way.
    Plasmic’s sweet spot is bridging the gap between design and development, it can be the most ideal on a variety of use cases and it really depends on the use case and how you want to use it.

Some of the best use cases for plasmic I’ve discovered personally includes but not limited to:

  1. Design-Development Collaboration
  2. Rapid Iteration
  3. Rapid Prototyping and User Testing
  4. Maintaining and Using Design Systems
  5. Dynamic Content Display
  6. Building Dynamic Interactive Components for Web Applications
  7. Content-rich Websites
  8. Education and Workshops
  9. Building and publising web applications

I see thank yu for your response ! @verbal_sparrow So from what I read, building a full application without code, does not fall under the usecases you mentioned here right?

Building applications should require some bit of code, it’s just that you no longer need to know that there exists HTML and CSS :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Those are fully taken care of by Plasmic

Only javascript/typescript is required

Thanks @verbal_sparrow ! Hi @heady_impala letting you build full applications without code is a relatively newer use case, but it is a major focus for us and you can already build various kinds of applications with user logins, database integrations, etc

Any specific applications you have in mind?

Hey @yang thanks for getting back to me! Yes I do;

  1. Netflix like streaming application
  2. Shopify storefront (using hydrogen, but without having to code hydrogen) is that possible?


@yang just following up

Hi @heady_impala, thanks for sharing the apps you’re building!

We actually also hope to publish soon a simple example of a Netflix style app :slightly_smiling_face:

And Shopify storefronts are a very common use case for Plasmic