ClassName not displaying correctly

Hey plasmic team, not sure if i accidentlly turned on a setting but for some reason the classNames for my plasmic componets are not being displayed but instead its showing random keys ?

what css scheme are you using (as specified in plasmic.json)?

could it be because were using css-modules ?

Hmm css modules don’t by default generate strings like that, but maybe you are configuring it in a way that does that? Could you check in the Plasmic-generated css files and check what the rule names look like? If they look “normal” then it’s your local css module configuration that is generating these strings

Hey @chungwu this is how the plasmic genereted css file looks for one component and also looks like the rest, the class name are normal

Hmm then it sounds like your project is locally configured to have css modules output strings like that for class names…

Hey thanks @chungwu, you were right it was my webpack that was configuring those strings , i had to add this rule to the webpack file :

              loader: 'css-loader',
              options: {
                modules: {
                  localIdentName: '[name]__[local]--[hash:base64:5]',