classNames from code are overriding those from Plasmic

I am facing an issue in using className prop with code-components. I am using a React Geist library. It supports className prop for custom styling. However, it’s causing conflict while merging multiple class names. The Geist base styles always override the css provided by custom classes.

Registered Code Component

import { Button as GButton } from '@geist-ui/react'
import React from 'react'

const Button = ({className, ...props}) => {
    return (
        <GButton {...props} className={className} >

export {Button}

Recommended Solution in Geist Community

Another Solution
We can expose style prop as an object while registering code-component and provide styling as { width: 200, height: 400 } . But it’s not that intuitive.

Do we have any workaround this?
For example, any webpack configuration that can help in making sure plasmic styles have the highest priority.