Cloudflare domains for Plasmic projects.

Is there an issue with using cloudflare domains for Plasmic hosted projects?

I’ve used google domain dns settings with no issues but creating a cname record in cloudflare doesn’t work (the project fails to deploy — I’ll capture the specific error msg the next time I’m online)

my understanding is that if you’re trying to use cloudflare, then you have to go the codegen route

Do you just mean that you have a domain where cloudflare is the registrar, and you’re trying to point it to a Plasmic-hosted site?

@chungwu that is correct

hmm it should work fine; please send more info when you can on project ID and the error message

It’s project ID cVJUTV6kf31UfwsjuF5Y1h

I also tried the DNS only setting to no avail

I’m using a different subdomain for the time being so it’s no particular rush @chungwu

hmm I don’t see any cname record associated with

I have the same issue! I also use Cloudflare and have the CNAME entered as advised.
It seems that Cloudflare also needs a CNAME record for the domain to understand routing.
I found this trace via the tool at