CMS models not working/publishing

Hey @victor (or anyone else who can help), after getting the above error yesterday, one of my CMS models is no longer working. I have them displayed on a page, but they’re showing “No matching published entries found” when browsing the site. When I try to publish them, I see the following error, also sometimes an error I couldn’t screenshot but it was something along the lines of CMS BadRequestError:

Screenshot 2023-10-08 193728.png

I tried just adding a duplicate entry but still can’t publish it, here’s that other error:


can you link me to the entry?

Sorrry for missing this, but sure:

hmm I seem to be able to publish that entry… could you try it again? or maybe reload the browser and try again?

Hey Chung, gave this a try in multiple browsers on several devices, sometimes I get a success message but the entry still isn’t truly published, and will throw the error again, seemingly at random, on subsequent attempts

Thanks! I think I see the issue

Hey Chung! Any progress on this?

yes, we have a fix deploying soon

Working again! Thanks for all the support!