CMS records working as individual slides on the slider component

I’d like to see the CMS records working as individual slides on SlickSlider. The way for do that now is inserting for each slide a CMS Data Loader with limit of a unique record per slide

We are actively working on this one :slightly_smiling_face: with an update landing this week!

Hi guys, I was wondering if this is fixed now? And how do we implement it?

Yes, this works now! You can use dynamic values to repeat an element that is the child of a slider, and you can make it repeat according to CMS data.

The way to do this is,

  1. Insert a CMS data fetcher, and set the norepeat prop
  2. Insert a slick slider inside it
  3. Delete all its default children
  4. Insert just one child that is a box, such as a vertical stack
  5. In the right panel, make this box repeat according to the CMS items
    Please let me know if that works for you

Cc @burning_silkworm example of great short clips we can produce

Thanks for the mini-tutorial @yang!

I don’t see the norepeat prop though. Is it in the right hand sidebar? Tried setting the limit to 1 but that didn’t work.
Also, repeating the box repeats the same entry multiple times. I’m probably not understanding the instructions correctly…