CMS restoring older version and auto-saving unexpectedly

The CMS is struggling to handle drafts.
I have edited a model and pressed “publish”. After that, it restored an older version in my browser and keeps saving that non wanted version as draft.
To be clear, all these autosaves should not have happened. I haven’t edited any content after I pressed “publish”

I think it was caused by having more than 1 tab open in the CMS. However, I can’t make the CMS stop to save those wrong drafts anymore.

I closed all the extra tabs and tried restoring older published versions, but it keeps autosaving the wrong drafts

Okay, it seems to be stable now. Had to recreate the content, overwriting it.

Hi, we are going to look on what is happening when there are multiple tabs opened for the CMS, so that you don’t run in these kind of problems again