"Code component not registered with importPath"

Hello everyone!
I’m kind of new to plasmic, and I’ve setup plasmic CLI in order to have my repository in sync with all the changes dones thru the studio app. I’ve run a plasmic sync a couple of time and everything went well until today, I’m getting the following error

Plasmic error: Encountered code component "CompThzsZyLyzv" that was not registered with an importPath, so we don't know where to import this component from.  Please see <https://docs.plasmic.app/learn/code-components-ref/>

I have 2 code components and I have NO idea what CompThzsZyLyzv is… and I’m kind of stucked and this prevents me from sync

hi! did you specify an importPath for both of those code components when you registered them?

nop I didn’t but it wasn’t needed before… so not sure what changed…

PLASMIC.registerComponent(Bankrate, {
  name: "BankrateWidget",
  props: {
    // Simple scalar props
    adId: "string",
    campaign: "string",

I’m not using this as codegen

hmm aren’t you using plasmic sync?

lol… it seems i’m confused about what codegen and headless is… i was using plasmic sync so we have a track/historical changes of what is created/done on the studio app

oh yeah, if you’re using plasmic sync then you need to register your component’s importPath so that when they are used, the generated code knows where to import them from

and that import path it’s a path that points to the component file I wrote?

so pretty miuch similar to the import on the top?

so something like ./src/components/Bankrate/Bankrate.tsx

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yeah it should be a relative path from your srcDir in your plasmic.json file