Code-component-only mode?

hello :wave: complete noob here. I was wondering if it’s possible to limit/turn off all the controls on Plasmic Studio so the devs have control over what custom components & params to show to the marketers? that way marketers wouldn’t be overwhelmed with all the choices and be worried about accidentally tweaking the styles and whatnot

Great feedback, thank you - we’ve been planning for such a mode!

For your use case, would you basically want to limit the editors to use only custom components and no other free-form boxes/elements?

Or are you thinking something slightly in between that and the current free-form studio?

I’m thinking of a custom component only mode at first. just to keep things simple. then later on maybe leverage some current studio features for rich text, but that’s mostly for after we build everything and go into a maintenance and/or modification mode

Makes sense!