Code component project resulting in blank screen

i have copied the code components page to my profile and am trying to edit it. everything works fine, but when trying to add a code component from the sidebar i just get a blank screen. normal components work fine

We found the error and are working on a fix. Thanks for the report

gotta say you peeps are fast

Could you test it again please? It should be fixed now

jup, works. unless you use ‘ArwesFigure’ in which case there is an error which also removes a bunch of other components


‘Radial Chart’


Will take a look

So, as the code components are basically the same react component as the registered ones, it will behave exactly the same as the components. The ArwesFigure expects to be a children of an ArwesCard for example and the RadialChart needs to have its props filled

height: 300
width: 300
data: [
    "angle": 1,
    "color": "#FFF",
    "name": "blue",
    "opacity": 0.2
    "angle": 2,
    "color": "#000",
    "name": "yellow"
    "angle": 5,
    "color": "#1E96BE",
    "name": "cyan"
    "angle": 3,
    "color": "#DA70BF",
    "name": "magenta"
    "angle": 5,
    "color": "#F6D18A",
    "name": "yellow again"

alright that’s good to know, thanks. they should not remove half the site though when throwing an error :confused:

yes, i think it removes the whole container it’s inside… Some things we are planning to add is something to specify in which sections the component can be used, for example: only as child of some other component.

yes that would be really good