Code component prop getting quoted differently

Hi team, I have a code component for “Product”, which takes in a slug as a prop to fetch product data from the database. I also have a plasmic component “ProductContainer” which encases this “Product” component, so that I can style on the Studio how the product will be displayed. I created a meta prop for “ProductContainer” and linked the meta prop to the slug prop in “Product”.

This has been working fine until a few days ago. Now, when I pass a slug input to the meta prop, the final slug input for query is wrapped in 2 double quotations. Thus, product won’t be properly displayed in the Studio.


But when I preview the project or go to the website deployed using Plasmic, final slug input for query is wrapped in 1 double quotation, and the product is displayed fine. So it seems that this problem only exists in the Plasmic Studio.

Hi @competent_hyena! I think it should be fixed now

Ahh nice!! It is fixed now. Thank you so much! :laughing: @inclined_boar