Code components mounted twice in production.

Hello, Plasmic Team :wave: I’ve noticed that Code components are being mounted twice in production environment and that might negatively effect React app performance :thinking_face: Is it known issue?

tested it by adding simple useEffect into Code component:

useEffect(() => {
  console.log('ShippingForm mounted');
}, []);

I would expect such behaviour in the development environment (React Strict mode) but not production.

Tech specs:
• next.js 13.5.4
• react 18.2.0
@plasmicapp/host 1.0.172
@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs 1.0.322

Are you seeing this even in a new create-plasmic-app? This can help us narrow down the problem.

hmm, can’t reproduce that in a new create-plasmic-app. Something wrong with our project :thinking_face: I’ll investigate that, thank you :pray:

Hi! could you figure what was it? I seeing the same now.