Code components vs component substitution

Code component and code substitution both have their limits. I hope Plasmic can make the process of importing code from other packages much easier.


I do agree with your point, at the moment code components are going to be improved to fix the cons that you listed, but the point about code substitution is also pretty interesting, you could use code substitution as a way to easily attach some business logic globally to a component, but at the same time it can be used as something to have UI changes, the latter is what you refers to, right ?

Plasmic has the most talented people who must have an average IQ of 160. I think they will solve these problems. Just be patient. I know this is a hard time for everyone and Yang, Wu they must have more pressure than me. I really hope you guys success.

Thanks, I see your point.

Just clarifying the usability, one of the main utilities to code substitution is adding general logic to some component, for example, if you have a Login component that is present in many places, you can add the logic to all of them, creating a wrapper component to have this logic and use the UI provided by your plasmic Login component

160….psssh…180 at least :laughing: