codegen css issues with plume components

In preview mode, the Button with a blue Color variant displays correctly and the Checkbox can be checked/unchecked :

When using codegen, the Button displays as default (Black) and the Checkbox cannot be checked:

Hi, thanks for reporting. I’m having trouble reproducing this. Are you able to share a minimal code base generated using create-plasmic-app that reproduces this issue?


Repo: GitHub - noops-land/codegen-plume-issue

Project: Plasmic

(Repo is created with point-and-click (, not through create-plasmic-app)


FYI if I use older package versions in package.json, e.g.:

"@plasmicapp/cli": "0.1.190",
"@plasmicapp/host": "1.0.85",
"@plasmicapp/react-web": "0.2.126"

everything works fine. I believe the issue is in @plasmicapp/react-web, and is probably related to do the hasVariant() function

version 0.2.156 of @plasmicapp/react-web works, the issue manifests itself only when using latest version 0.2.157

Super helpful, thank you. We’re looking.