Codegen error with Ant Select and import statements

BUG? After the latest Plasmic update, my component stopped working. Seems like I’ve discovered a bud. Clearly, this is an import issue caused by the Select component of antd dropdown. When I add braces to the import statement of the Plasmic generated component (the one that I am not supposed to edit), the issue resolves. I’ve also tried to update the version of @plasmic/antd package. Used to manually add these braces before registered a code component from @mui . After that the thing has broken completely. Thanks for attention!

BTW everything displays fine in the editor

Hey @dangerous_beetle! I believe this error is because the braces on the Pagination import. You should the default export.

You can add the isDefaultExport field on your code component meta. This will import the default function on the plasmic generated code.

Thank you for your response. isDefaultExport helped to fix my component. However, the antd package continues to malfunction. Certain import statements are not generated properly. For example, we can se that Search component has a correct import path and is found. But Button and Select are not. Provided is a screenshot of the generated code by Plasmic. Unfortunately I can’t influence the way Plasmic imports antd components and use isDefaultExport parameter.
Thank you

You’re right! The antd is wrong. Which @plasmicpkgs/antd version are you using?