Codegen generating React code only

Is the codegen still generate react code only?

Hi, yes it’s react only

No plan for Vue or angular?
There is a project here
I’m not related to builder and not using their product currently.

Yeah, we are currently focusing on depth of capabilities over breadth of code generation dialects

I’m having a new project and would like to try on again. Is “… focusing on depth of capabilities…” means the codegen is up to date? Is it okay to mix codegen with cms in a project? My target is remix, astro, blitzjs or next. Is it possible to use tailwind?

Codegen works, but as always it is significantly more advanced/complex than using loader - and it will be even more so if you try to mix the two (which does work)

Next is will be the smoothest path

Yes, no problem with using Tailwind or any styling framework in your own code