Codegen vs Headless for complex pricing.

Hi all, I could use some quick advice on codegen vs headless (I read the relevant documentation and understand that if headless is possible I should use that). I need to incorporate some more complex pricing needs handled via and stripe. Haven’t decided on a hosting provider (not a huge deal to me), and I haven’t gone far enough down the pricing rabbit hole to know exactly how the custom logic will work (ie will it be within a component or could it be handled via rest api/edge function). Has anyone else dealt with this? I will also need to incorporate it with supabase auth so that only paying users can access the relevant app pages and I’m not clear on exactly how that will all work together either.

It seems your concerns boil down to: and stripe,
Custom logic,
And supabase auth.

All of those can be met with either codegen or headless. So I’d recommend you follow the plasmic suggestion of using headless.

If you’re going to be writing custom code components then I would recommend codgen.

It’s also not a permanent decision. I’ve started projects headless and then changed to codegen as my needs evolved. If you keep you project as vanilla plasmic as possible it’s easy to switch generation targets later

Ok awesome. I will start out headless then. I assume I could also switch if I started out codegen and wanted to go back to headless later then?

Also, I’ve looked around and haven’t found any example projects of how to incorporate stripe with plasmic and supabase auth. There’s an example of how to handle supabase auth with headless plasmic here ( but that’s all I’ve found so far.

Plasmic is very good at integration with any API. I would just add an HTTP integration with the Stripe API