Comparing design system in Plasmic and Figma

Hi Plasmic team. Can you briefly explain how is it different to do design system in Plasmic vs doing in Figma?
In Figma I create colors and texts and convert them to reusable component library. Is the workflow the same in Plasmic? I heard it’s more streamlined to the code in here

Hi! We wrote down a few thoughts here:

In Plasmic, you can also define reusable tokens and components for your design system, and if your intention is to generate code from these designs, it’s a great fit – Plasmic is already using css / html / React, and so what you see in Plasmic is what you’ll get in code.

For more exploratory designs, you’ll likely have a better time with Figma, but we have a Figma plugin that lets you import your Figma designs into Plasmic when it’s ready