Comparing Plasmic with - how to perform targeting and scheduling?

Hi, I’m testing both Plasmic and to see what fits our needs better. There’s a feature on Builder that allows you to target changes on a page to a specific attribute, like item in cart, url path, collection, etc… (

Does Plasmic offer anything similar to that?

Hi! This is just about to enter early access. Please let me know if you are interested in enrollment (a growth team will be required).

Or for now in the meantime (or on lower tier plans), you can use variants and custom metadata key values (in page settings) to the same effect, with the main difference being that the UI isn’t as polished. Basically, in the editor you can specify metadata key values such as “B variant, in cart” = “…”, and then in the plasmicloader code, read these key values and render the right variant based on interpreting them. Apologies for the hasty response (on the go), but lmk if that makes sense.

Cc @multiple_vole who can further chime in if needed

Awesome! I’m just starting, as soon as I can get a demo with my Shopify backend running I will make the upgrade to Growth to test these features. Really excited about Plasmic. Everything seems so polished!

Your timing continues to be uncanny :slightly_smiling_face: The announcement of Shopify integration is about to land in the next 24h.