Compatibility of million.js and partytown with Plasmic

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use million.js esp in “automatic mode” with plasmic ( Not going to reveal my ignorance of how it works but just curious if anyone has thought about this.

For similar performance reasons I’m curious if anyone has used partytown to move third party analytics JavaScript to the web worker. Also a bit above my pay grade but for the sake of checking on some requirements for a project I’m curious if there’s anything about Plasmic that would be incompatible with either.

Hi, I just did a quick run with Plasmic codegen and million, there were no errors, but unsure if it’s because the project is small, by looking into it seems compatible. I am not familiar with million, so I don’t know what to say in regards to the performance improvements.

Makes sense it would have to be done in with codegen turned on. Thanks for testing this. That’s definitely a good sign.

Would this work with “build-time codegen”?

What do you mean by “built-time codegen” ?

It should work, the only difference is that you invoke “plasmic sync” every build automatically, but this is equivalent to manually invoking it and redeploying, so it should achieve the same thing