Component and default slot element changing across all variants

I have a component with a slot and a default element populating this slot. Whenever I change the default element for one variant, it changes for all variants

Hi Alexis, the slot default content is not variantable, so this is actually the intended behavior, ideally you should be able to put anything that is variant specific outside of the slot default content

Ok got it

For the record, I’ll explain my use case.
I have a component that is a section. This section have variants for locales, so with translated content.
This section is used in different pages identically, but for some of the pages the content will change a bit for only some locales.

Either I can use variantable default content for slots and my problem is solved.
Or I need to create one component per page even if the components will almost look identical. If I need to change the default content, I’ll need to go through all those components and apply the same change over and over. This also clutter my project with so many components.

I think I understood your use case, but could you rely less in terms of slot default content then ? For example, since your sections are mostly going to have the same default content with only some changes, couldn’t you move this content to outside of the slot and have your changes as variants ? I guess you would still want to have something slotted based on some parent definition, but from what I understood of your case, currently you have things inside of the slot that could be outside

I think I cannot do as you suggest because the changes will be made in the future by content editors. They will not be able to create new variants