Component props duplicated

I created a code component and when I use it in one project, the code component works properly but when I use it in other project with more elements and pages, some of their props are duplicated:

These are component props:

export const PlasmicProps = {
  name: 'Modal',
  props: {
    variant: {
      type: 'choice',
      options: ['Base', 'Video', 'Bottom Sheet'],
      defaultValue: 'Base',
      displayName: 'Modal type',
      description: 'Define the Modal type created',
    children: {
      type: 'slot',
      displayName: 'Modal Content',
      description: 'Content that Modal contains',
      hidden: props => props.variant === 'Video',
    trigger: {
      type: 'slot',
      displayName: 'Modal Trigger',
      description: 'Element that triggers the Modal',
      hidden: props => props.isPopup === true,
    hasCloseButton: {
      type: 'boolean',
      defaultValue: true,
      displayName: 'Has Close Button?',
      description: 'Define if the close button is displayed',
      hidden: props => props.variant !== 'Base',
    videoId: {
      type: 'string',
      defaultValue: '',
      displayName: 'YouTube Video ID',
      description: 'ID of the video displayed',
      hidden: props => props.variant !== 'Video',
    videoTitle: {
      type: 'string',
      defaultValue: '',
      displayName: 'Video Title',
      description: 'Title of the video displayed',
      hidden: props => props.variant !== 'Video',
    isPopup: {
      type: 'boolean',
      defaultValue: false,
      displayName: 'Is Pop-up?',
      description: 'Define if the modal appears after page is loaded',
    seconds: {
      type: 'number',
      defaultValue: 3,
      displayName: 'Seconds',
      description: 'Define the seconds after page is loaded to show the modal',
      hidden: props => props.isPopup === false,
  importPath: './components/Modal/PlasmicBaseModal.jsx',
  isDefaultExport: true,

Someone knows what is the reason of this problem?

Thank you!

Resolved on our private Slack channel! (This was due to a bug in Plasmic’s side.)