Component won't display on hosted site.

Hi all. I’m new to Plasmic and loving this remarkable tool. I used the CLI to create a Plasmic/Gatsby codebase. I created a custom component that uses an npm package to display web-gl based animations. It displayed great within the Plasmic web app/local host, but when I publish to Plasmic hosting I only see a blank spot where the component should be. I’m not seeing any obvious errors, so I’m wondering if anyone might have any leads as to why my animation would show in the app but not on the hosted site. Thank you for any leads!

I don’t work for plasmic so this isn’t guaranteed to be perfectly accurate, but broardly speaking…

When you register a code component in your app, it’s doing 2 things, 1) tells the studio what props/fields it uses for the editor, and 2) connects a component to a name so that when the plasmic renderer sees that name it knows to render with that component.

This doesn’t send the component or any code to plasmic, so plasmic hosting doesn’t know what to do when it reaches it so it just does nothing (would be nice if it errors)

You need to render plasmic pages in the same app you’re registering code components, then have that hosted, for code components to work

Thank you @curious_goat. This is extremely helpful!! I’ll try getting things to work today using your suggestions. If I understand correctly, you’re saying that when using custom components, the Plasmic web app is only used as a visual builder and I need to: 1) sync any changes back to my codebase 2) host the codebase itself (on Netlify, Vercel, etc.)?

I built and deployed my Gatsby codebase and it is working on Netlify now! I see all the changes I made in Plasmic Studio. It’s magic! :magic_wand: Thanks for your help.