Confirm / x doesn't do anything, stuck on refresh code components

Confirm / x don’t do anything. Plasmic Studio is stuck in this screen

same here:

hmm can’t reproduce here; do you see errors in the console?

Video: Plasmic - Stuck on “Component no longer registered”

in this video you can see that it doesn’t work in any chromium based browser in my system.

And I turn off plasmic hosting only to discover, that I’m still stuck on that screen

you should definitely watch the end, where you can see that

the buttons are finally clickable, but the “Component no longer registered” window keeps reappearing

now, that it clicked it about 10 times it actually stopped reappearing

by clicked I mean “Delete all existing uses”

and it wasn’t just this component “IonDatetime” which was deleted

this component here had the purpose of displaying registered components (3 so far) so I can experiment with them and it is now empty.

you might also want to know, that when this all happened, these are the versions(middle) I was operating on (just upgraded):