Connecting Airtable to contact form

Hi, I’m new to plasmic, How to connect airtable base to the contact form, so that submission show up in my airtable base

Hi @chatty_crab! These are good starting points:

Hi @victor ,Thanks for replying, Can you please tell me what I’ve to fill in here

that looks right!

Stlll not working

Could you double check that the form item names match the column names in airtable? Are you getting any error message?

@victor No error message and I made sure forms field name matches already

what happens when you submit the form? Could you share your project ID (feel free to DM)?

@victor Thanks for your support, Issue is solved. But how can I change the font color of placeholder text

@victor It is almost invisible while filling the form

we don’t currently have controls to customize the placeholder styles, but a work around could be using a custom CSS:
1 - Add “Custom Global CSS” from the Add menu
2 - Go to “Project settings” → Embed CSS
3 - Add a CSS rule like:

::placeholder {
  color: red;

optionally you can add this rule depending on a class name like:

.custom-placeholder-styles ::placeholder {
  color: red;

and then you can add custom-placeholder-styles class to a vertical stack and only the placeholders inside this stack will have these styles