Connecting custom domain to Plasmic.

Hey im new to Plasmic, just having some troubles connecting my custom domain to the site. Probably something im doing wrong with the CNAME. For more content im using Google domains. If anyone could help it’d be super appreciated

Hi, what exactly is the problem you’re seeing?

I cant connect my Google domain

So you set that cname on the www entry? Can you share a screenshot of what your dns configuration looks like?

I put the host name as www

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks, we found the issue - it’s misreporting the instructions/status differently for www vs no-www

If you want no-www to work, can you follow the “A Record” instructions instead? (recommended)

If instead you want www, then you can add that domain instead and use CNAME

Okay i got the A record to configure but now when i search my domain im getting this as a prompt.

Plasmic says that its configured but i wont allow me to search it in the browser and then furthermore see my website

I don’t see that when I try to access the site, I tried from a few devices… Can you try from some other devices and make sure it’s not an issue with your caches

I get a 404 on every device i use, you can see the website on your device though?

Because its still not working for me.

Never been this hard to link a domain before, ive also tried forwarding it still not responding just 404 messages

How does it say correctly configured yet my domain doesn’t lead me to my website because if i look up my sub domain it takes me to the site

No I got a 404, just mean that it’s not the error you saw

Do you have a page at the / path?

Can you share your project id?

How do i do that?

Hey so im able to access my website with my domain /home at the end, how would i change it so when some looks up just my domain its takes them to the home without having to do /home.

its taken me like a week to connect my domain, is there someone else i can talk to that can help me?