Connecting Plasmic Studio to GitLab repo.

How would I connect my project on Plasmic Studio to a GitLab repo?

I would like to know same thing too.

there’s no built-in support for gitlab at the moment. But you can trigger a generic webhook on publish; if gitlab supports running actions via a webhook, you could perform what you’d like there

@chungwu It looks like GitLab allows webhooks. It is asking for the Plasmic webhook URL. Do you know where I can find that?

All that the GitHub actions integration does in the typical case is it triggers a run of a GitHub actions pipeline that performs a build of the repo.

If you want to do something similar with gitlab, you can first create a gitlab CI pipeline to run a build. Then you would set up a webhook call from within the plasmic publish modal to trigger that pipeline, and the way to trigger that API call aka webhook is documented here. So you wouldn’t be having gitlab call out to a plasmic api, but instead you want plasmic to call gitlab.

Let me know if that makes sense!