Consider enhancing code substitution

Does plasmic mind to enhance code substitution instead of code component? I feel that it is unrealistic to ask people to register every components then use them.

Hi! What enhancement do you have in mind for code substitution?

Just like app hosting.
Plasmic allow users to register their component, why not just import the package and using the code in Plasmic directly?

Also make the package install (app hosting) process less complicated.

Developers can borrow the code from UI like antd, react-bootstrap, material-ui and other packages. Although these widgets are not able to be edited in Plasmic, developers can view these widgets, drag and drop to move them, copy and delete them.

You want to edit a component substitution, you can need to code online in plasmic.

At least this would be much easier than using code component.

There are many ways to enhance component substitution if you want to do it.

@chungwu Am I right? I mean when Plasmic released code component feature, it said this would change the game. But after 5 months, there are few people using it. So where is the problem?

Hmm not sure what you’re describing; do you mean using code components without having to set up an app host?

I mean insert code using code substitution in plasmic like code component. And allow copy, paste, drag and drop these components

Make code substitution editable in plasmic dashboard online, easy to borrow UI widgets from other packages.

I remember one low code tool can do it well but I forget its name.

Plasmic mainly deal with html and css parts and leave the js interaction parts to other packages.

It is just my option.

I want to add that Plasmic is really complicated and if you don’t know js, react and in general you don’t know how to build applications with code and don’t understand how the application is built and works and that depends on something, then you have nothing to catch in plasmic because inside plasmic you will be able to do only primitive static and in this case it will not give you any advantages that you work with Next js or gatsby.

Not sure what you are talking about. We are talking about why code substitution would be a better solution to replace code component in plasmic.

I’m talking about the fact that Plasmic positions itself as a low-code tool (Encourages-create awesome sites without code) I found out that in order to really make an amazing website, I need to know js and react well, and I only know html and css, which is why I say that I don’t get advantages, for example, compared to Webflow, although I want to create jam stack projects, but I don’t have enough knowledge yet (

Hmm, I know React and JS. I just want to improve productivity.

And okay, then I’m sorry I didn’t understand the essence of your message well, but in any case, I just wanted to say this…