Content on pages disappearing after sync.

Just tried to sync my project and all the content on all the pages has disappeared. Even after, reverting my code changes via source control I still see nothing.
I’ve had this issue before, where in console it has the same repetitive . In this case for the “Pricing” page I’m on:

Pricing: Eval async styles=true eval=true
Save result is SkipUpToDate

I haven’t done a sync for a while, as was scared of this type of thing happening again. So I best learn what I am doing wrong and pay more attention this time.

Anyone able to help? Project: nV7sRTPBx6ecWzFNNAWeQg but I’m on a localhost.

Well that was easy. Just read my last post on this issue and just needed to delete node modules and yarn installed again.

Maybe this is worth mentioning in the console as a message while doing a sync or something, as it’s pretty scary to have everything disappear like that.

Actually I still get the issue when sync again. So please help me sync safely.

what @plasmicapp/* packages do you have in your package.json?

I have:

    "@plasmicapp/cli": "^0.1.249",
    "@plasmicapp/host": "^1.0.120",
    "@plasmicapp/loader-nextjs": "^1.0.253",
    "@plasmicapp/react-web": "^0.2.222",

Where to from here @chungwu ?

If you’re using codegen, you shouldn’t need host or loader-nextjs in there… you can import things you need from host from react-web/lib/host instead.

That seems to work. I can now sync, thx @chungwu!
Should I be moving to Build-time codegen?
Less files makes sense, so Im keen and currently I just deploy to Versel with have no integration.