ContentStack credentials not loading properly

Hi, I setup Contentful inside Plasmic with the pre-made “Contentful Fetcher”. While it looks good in the preview, when accessing the page in the production environment (using the loader component inside a Next.js app), then it is only fetching the data client-side and is showing “Please configure the ContentStack credentials” in the initial page.

You can also see that when looking into the generated SSR HTML. Is there anything I can do about that apart from writing my own custom data provider?

Hi! Are you doing extractPlasmicQueryData() in your getStaticProps()?

Actually we are using the app directory, which is now stable since the last major release, so getStaticProps is not available. I found an old forum thread from 2021 that extractPlasmicQueryData can not be used on the server.
It seems that this is still true 2 years later, although the app router is the new standard in next.js 13?

But according to the example from the repo I shouldn’t need the prefetch:[[...catchall]]/page.tsx

Unfortunately the pre-rendering pass via extractPlasmicQueryData(), where we extract all the data needed from the Plasmic component, doesn’t work for appdir yet

(but we’re working on it!)